Velocys discuss Altalto and grant award on BBC Radio Humberside

3 Sep 2021

Velocys gives Altalto project update following award of £2.4m ‘Green Fuels, Green Skies’ grant

Velocys’ Dr Neville Hargreaves has given an update on the Altalto project during an interview with Andy Comfort on a BBC Radio Humberside news programme, following the award of £2.4m from the Department for Transport’s ‘Green Fuels, Green Skies’ competition.

Dr Hargreaves outlined Velocys’ waste-to-fuels process, telling Comfort, “We can actually get to net zero fuel, or even below net zero, so it’s a crucial part of decarbonising aviation, which is one of the hardest things to do. And at the same time, making good use of our waste instead of burning it.”

It was made clear that the award of £2.4m is a significant step forward as “it helps us with work we need to do to advance the project, but it also demonstrates the Government is committed to our project and to the industry.” It will build on recent momentum on Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) within Government, including consultations on Jet Zero and a SAF mandate.

He went on to praise project partner British Airways, saying: “Having a high profile partner like them attracting investors and suppliers, they’ve been really excellent all along the way.”

Dr Hargreaves concluded that the location of the facility, on the banks of the Humber in North East Lincolnshire, will bring together the skills and logistics needed to build the UK’s first waste-to-fuels plant and contribute to the area’s fast growing Energy Estuary.

BBC Radio Humberside interview: