Velocys featured in the Financial Times

19 Aug 2020

Velocys interviewed on the role of SAF in reducing airline emissions.

Velocys has been featured in the Financial Times in an article on the potential of Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) to reduce airline emissions and on the path to commercialisation.

In the piece Airlines ask passengers to subsidise green fuel to help cut emissions, Velocys’ proposed Altalto Immingham plant is detailed, with  production targeted to begin in 2025 and the aim of producing 50,000 tonnes of SAF annually. Velocys CEO Henrik Wareborn is quoted as saying: “That is enough to fuel 1,000 transatlantic flights a year.”

Later, discussing the Government support required to get the UK’s sustainable fuels industry off the ground, Henrik Wareborn emphasised the need for market based policy support, saying: “We don’t need taxpayer subsidies but we do need policy to keep the price of avoided carbon competitive.”

The article concluded by pointing to the potential economic benefits that a fledgling SAF industry could bring to ‘UK PLC’, with Heathrow’s John Holland-Kay commenting: “This is the earliest opportunity to help make flying sustainable… But there is also an economic opportunity here. The key for the Government is how many new jobs it will create.”

The full FT article can be read here.