Velocys at Energy from Waste 2020 conference

11 Mar 2020

Velocys discussed Advanced Conversion Technology (ACT) at the Energy from Waste 2020 conference.

Velocys attended the Energy from Waste 2020 conference in London to discuss lessons learnt from ACT (Advanced Conversion Technology) development thus far. Velocys’ Martin Hopkins, who also chaired the session, discussed with representatives from business, industry and local government the challenges of, and what’s to be gained from, repurposing waste to energy.

During the discussions, Martin outlined Velocys’ integrated end to end process, which will take household and commercial waste otherwise destined for landfill and turn it into Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). The process starts with the gasification of waste into syngas, composed of hydrogen and carbon monoxide, which is then used to synthesise liquid hydrocarbons using Velocys’ proprietary, demonstrated Fischer Tropsch reactor and catalyst. These hydrocarbons are then upgraded into SPK, which is approved worldwide for commercial aviation; and naphtha, a constituent of petrol.

By combining Velocys’ technology with gasification, purification and hydrocracking technologies (all of which have also been demonstrated at commercial scale), we can provide an integrated end-to-end process, from waste to wing. Taking what society does not want, Velocys technologies are able to create a product we cannot do without.