Delivering the next generation of sustainable fuels

Velocys’ technology enables sustainable fuels made from waste materials for aviation and heavy goods transport to help achieve net zero emissions and improve air quality.

Combining transformative technology, operational expertise and a partnership approach, we are working on commercial projects, today, that deliver the fuels of tomorrow.


  • Velocys technology powers first commercial flight. 21 June 2021.
    First commercial flight to use sustainable aviation fuel derived from gasified wood-chips.
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We design, develop and license our Fischer-Tropsch technology for the commercial production of sustainable fuels from household, commercial and forestry waste.



Sustainable aviation fuels are 'drop-in' fuels. They require no aircraft engine modification or change of airport infrastructure.

Towards net zero

Creating sustainable fuels for the hard-to-decarbonise aviation and heavy-duty transport sectors. We can even make fuels with negative net greenhouse gas emissions when we use carbon capture and storage.

Here and now technology

Turnkey solutions for fuel producers to meet net zero carbon targets and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and exhaust pollutants.

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The future: e-fuels

As well as solid wastes, our technology also enables the production of sustainable fuels from renewable power and CO2 streams (atmospheric and industry) – thus turning renewable power into liquid transport fuels for use in today’s planes and trucks.

Our Mission

We are here to help reduce the environmental footprint of aviation and heavy goods transport through a reliable supply of sustainable fuels produced with our technological expertise. In doing so, we want to play our part in creating a more sustainable future for the world we live in. 

A fuel supply based entirely on sustainable feedstocks

Drawing on 18 years of research and development

Demonstrated technology at commercial scale

No landfill or waste contaminating the environment

An aviation industry with net zero emissions

Working with government and industry to make it all happen