A commercially demonstrated technology solution

“Velocys’ high performance catalyst and reactor technology can generate negative-carbon-emissions SAF with the integration of carbon capture technologies, essential for any Net Zero strategy.” Henrik Wareborn, CEO.


The world’s most compact, commercially-ready, patented Fischer-Tropsch reactor for the synthesis of hydrocarbons. Developed in our laboratory and demonstrated at full scale in the real world, our reactor allows the production of advanced biofuels from large, sustainable carbon sources such as household waste and forest residues.

The Velocys process

A process to transform waste to fuel, built around our proprietary catalyst and reactor.


The Fischer-Tropsch (FT) process is a catalytic chemical reaction that turns synthesis gas (carbon monoxide and hydrogen) into fuels (liquid hydrocarbons, such as diesel or jet fuel).

By combining our reactor with gasification, purification and hydrocracking technologies that have been demonstrated at commercial scale, we can provide an integrated end-to-end process that converts solid wastes, first to synthesis gas and then to liquid transport fuels.

Making transport more sustainable

Our technology provides a route to sustainable fuels for aviation and heavy goods transport, which are very difficult to de-carbonise.

These products are high-quality versions of existing fuels. They require no changes to engines or infrastructure, meet all specifications and burn cleaner, cutting exhaust pollutants such as particulate matter (soot).

Depending on the feedstock, fuels made using our reactor enable significant greenhouse gas reductions, qualify for the highest levels of renewable fuel credits, and are certified by the Roundtable for Sustainable Biomaterials.

A demonstrated track record

Our technology has been demonstrated at commercial scale, providing the foundation for future commercial plants.

Our Oklahoma demonstration plant reached commercial scale and qualified for renewable fuel credits, running for over 6,000 hours of cumulative operation across two FT reactors. Additional demonstrations have tested our technology in Japan and, at pilot scale, in North and South America, Europe and Australia. We have also run an integrated demonstration coupling our reactor with a gasifier to convert wood waste to hydrocarbons.

Technical validation: key milestones


Second successful woody biomass to jet fuel demonstration (Nagoya, Japan)

Delivered commercial scale reactors and catalysts to a third party client


Pilot trial for upgraded jet fuel product achieved

Standardised tech pathway for conversion of solid feedstocks


Independent Engineer Report validating Bayou Fuels pathway and technology integration

Pilot trial for upgraded diesel product achieved

6000 hours of commercial full-scale runtime (Oklahoma, USA)

950 hours of integrated demonstration on biomass (North Carolina, USA)

RIN qualification achieved

Met capacity of 200bpd

First product from Oklahoma plant


Commercial scale catalyst loading


Manufacture of commercial reactors and catalyst complete

Series of three further demonstrations at pilot scale or greater completed


First pilot plant demonstration (Austria)


Oxford Catalysts founded (later acquiring Velocys Inc and becoming Velocys PLC)


Velocys Inc founded