Company background

Velocys is an international, UK-based company with headquarters in Oxford, UK and offices in the USA in Plain City, Ohio, and Houston, Texas. The company’s mission is to deliver low carbon sustainable fuels to decarbonise global aviation and heavy-duty transport.

Velocys originated from a University of Oxford technology spin-out company called Oxford Catalysts, which floated on AIM in 2006. In 2008, it acquired a US company with complementary reactor technology that had been developed at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

The enlarged company took the name Velocys in 2008. Its patented technology is the product of over 18 years of research and development and has been demonstrated at commercial scale to produce low carbon fuels which will help mitigate climate change.


The Velocys headquarters in Oxford, UK

The Velocys offices in Plain City, Ohio


The Velocys offices in Houston, Texas


Investors contact

Oxford Office
Magdalen Centre
Robert Robinson Avenue
The Oxford Science Park
United Kingdom
Office: +44 1865 800821