Process enabling technology

The technology behind Velocys' waste to fuel projects

Industry leading licensors were selected to create an integrated technology solution consisting of five process steps (including Velocys’ own technology), each of which has been demonstrated at commercial scale.

The careful selection and combination of the technologies provides a de-risked solution enabling the processing of different solid feedstocks (including both woody biomass and municipal solid waste), and sufficient flexibility to allow production of multiple products including Synthetic Paraffinic Kerosene (SPK) and diesel. A capture-ready carbon dioxide stream is also produced, enabling negative-emissions fuels wherever CO2 usage or storage options are available, as is the case for the Bayou Fuels project.

Step Process Licensor
1 Gasification TRI (ThermoChem Recovery International)
2 Syngas partial oxidation and cooling Arvos Schmidtsche-Schack (SCS), with Linde’s Hot Oxygen Burner Technology
3 Syngas clean-up & conditioning Air Liquide Engineering & Construction
4 Fisher Tropsch (FT) hydrocarbon synthesis Velocys
5 Product upgrading Haldor Topsoe


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