Velocys recognised in Active Net Zero Index

24 Jun 2021

Velocys is included in a new clean energy index of European companies

Velocys has been included as part of a select group in a newly launched clean energy index. The Index was developed to showcase the top European clean energy companies that are actively enabling the global transition to a net zero carbon world, aligned with a 1.5°C target.

The Index, centred around a rigorous proprietary ‘Active Net Zero™’ methodology, evaluates a company’s performance towards the energy transition in a systematic framework and is designed to mitigate greenwashing by penalizing fossil fuel activities and rewarding actual achievement and positive contribution to the delivery of Net Zero targets. The Active Net Zero™ Clean Energy Universe is made of up of c.140 European listed companies spanning a range of sectors and market caps.

For Velocys and other such companies that make up the Active Net Zero™ Clean Energy Universe, there will be a benchmark providing a true validation to those genuinely capable of driving forward the net zero energy transition. The Active Net Zero™ Clean Energy Index has ambitions to become the standard by which the progress of the net zero transition will be measured.

For further information please visit the Active Net Zero™ website at: