Velocys mentioned in parliamentary debate

15 Oct 2020

Velocys was highlighted by MPs debating the work of the Jet Zero Council in the House of Commons this week.

Members of Parliament from across the political spectrum, representing areas from Scotland to Bristol, to Cornwall and Northern Ireland, gathered in Westminster Hall to emphasise the important work that needs to be done to achieve net zero emissions from aviation and the crucial role that sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) will play in decarbonising this transport sector.

Debate organiser, Andrew Selous MP, discussed Velocys’ Altalto Immingham project, highlighting its status as the first such project in Europe, and noting the recently received planning consent and the projection to begin producing fuel by 2025.

Shadow Green Transport Minister Kerry McCarthy also referred to the work that Velocys is doing on sustainable aviation fuels, saying that they are pioneering production in the UK and that there is a lot of exciting work currently being done on SAF.

Responding on behalf of the Government, the new Aviation Minister, Robert Courts, said, “The council will drive the ambitious development and delivery of new technologies and innovative ways to cut aviation emissions, utilising multiple perspectives and bold new thinking.” This included establishing SAF production facilities in the UK.

Velocys is represented on the Government’s Jet Zero Council and looks forward to participating in the upcoming Council meeting where members will continue to drive progress on SAF and aviation decarbonisation.

The debate can be viewed in full here.