Velocys’ technology profiled on Times Radio

18 Aug 2020

Velocys discusses the potential for Jet Zero on Matt Chorley’s politics show.

Velocys has appeared on Times Radio’s Matt Chorley show as part of a panel discussion on the future of Jet Zero.

During the appearance, Velocys CEO Henrik Wareborn made the case for Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) as the ‘here and now’ solution to decarbonisation of the aviation sector. Outlining the waste-to-jet-fuel process, Henrik Wareborn said of SAF’s drop-in ability “the beauty is that there is no conversion needed, the fuel we produce that is fossil free can be blended in on spec, it is the same chemical composition as current jet fuel made out of imported crude oil” with no change to existing aircraft infrastructure required.

One of the other panellists, James McMicking of the Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI), commented “in particular for long haul aircraft, sustainable aviation fuels are something that the sector is pursuing very hard, because that provides a way in which we can convert existing aircraft technologies to fly on a net zero basis.”

Henrik Wareborn went on to emphasise the commercial viability of SAF, pointing to key investors in Velocys’ Altalto project, British Airways and Shell, and the need for market-based policy support to scale up SAF production in the UK.

Subject to additional funding and financial close, construction of Altalto is targeted to begin in 2022 and the plant could be producing fuel from 2025. “We are on track and well underway, it’s a strong position to begin with,” he said.

Short clip from Henrik Wareborn’s contribution to the Matt Chorley radio show.