Velocys discusses the potential for sustainable fuels in shipping

29 Jan 2020

In a global web conference, Velocys VP of Waste to Fuel, Dr Neville Hargreaves, discussed the potential for sustainable hydrocarbon fuel to be blended with marine diesel.

Velocys took part in a global web conference on ‘Future Fuels for shipping: Hydrogen & Fischer-Tropsch Drop-in Fuels.’ Dr Neville Hargreaves, Velocys Vice President of Waste to Fuels, made the case for sustainable hydrocarbon fuels, how they were made through Velocys’ Fischer-Tropsch process, and the commercial applications for the fuel.

Velocys’ fuel will primarily be used in aircraft and heavy goods vehicles, but Dr Hargreaves discussed the potential for the fuel to be blended with marine diesel. The significance of this for maritime industries would be immediate CO2 reductions with no change required to engines or bunkering infrastructure. He said, “this would act as a transitional fuel; it has a huge role to play” but would require supportive regulation and a concerted drive to implement.”

Tammy Klein, Principal Consultant at Future Fuel Strategies – the host of the webinar who provide market and policy intelligence for the fuels industry  – said, “the type of fuel that Velocys is looking to commercialise is really exciting, it hits the boxes, it’s not only carbon neutral, but heading into carbon negativity.”

The full webinar is available here and a summary of the session can be found here.